The Prim & Clover ‘Prim Pack Party’

Katariina tries on the muslin toile from her Prim Pack, with squad in tow at her #primpackparty

Katariina tries on the muslin toile from her Prim Pack, with squad in tow at her #primpackparty


After weeks of shopping around for the perfect wedding dress, newly engaged women across the UK generally find themselves a tad frustrated, a mite exhausted and smidgen overwhelmed. Purchasing a wedding dress isn’t quite the magical experience one might imagine. And no one dishes on the myriad adversities associated with what is supposed to be a day of retail delights.

Appointments. Only one or two people allowed. Long lead times. Pushy and rude sales people. Not enough sample sizes. Loads of ludicrously expensive polyester. Cramped changing rooms. Too many choices. Not enough choices. Not the right choices.
No Champagne…

Sounds dire, but really, there’s no need to get depressed because:
UK bridalwear brand, Prim & Clover, now offers brides-to-be an innovative new platform to co-create their very own made-to-measure wedding dress. And the best part? Not only can it be done from the comfort of home, but shopping for a wedding dress just got fun.

Because Prim & Clover gives brides the option to play with different silhouette choices, and wants to make sure the dress fits properly, they start their process by creating made-to-measure cotton muslin ‘toile’ samples of the selected bodices and skirts. So, when the samples arrive, why not chill down some champers, call up the girls and make a party of choosing the final silhouette?

Prim & Clover have named it a ‘Prim Pack Party’ because the Prim Pack is what the bride orders from the site, after narrowing down her selection to two looks from their stylish collection of bodices and skirts. With her squad by her side, the samples to try on and a glass of Champagne to hand, the bride can mix and match each of her chosen styles to her heart’s content before picking ‘The One’ — all without a single appointment, cramped changing room or pushy sales person.

A Prim Pack Party is just what a bride-to-be needs to celebrate, relax and feel confident she’s chosen the perfect dress.

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