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In order to elevate our offering and technology, we have entered Virgin Media’s VOOM 2016 — Richard Branson’s business programme — for a chance to take Prim & Clover to the next level.

Entrepreneurship is more than having a great idea and business acumen. It’s a 24/7 job, forcing an individual or team to wear many hats — very often including ones that don’t quite fit, continuously pushing their mental and physical boundaries and even comfort zones. Insecurity and doubt are not an option and stamina is of paramount importance, as every day is like a marathon of events there is little training for. Being a jack-of-all-trades and mastering as many as possible is not only an every day expectation, but the only way forward, if there is any hope of success.

That being started, receiving help — financially, mentally and professionally — is essential to every entrepreneur. Whether it’s from friends and family, mentors, other entrepreneurs or enterprises set up to foster start-ups with grants; strategic guidance; acceleration incubators and/or advice, assistance in any form is welcomed with open arms. Even after years of careful planning and research, Prim & Clover has only just launched, and is no exception to the need for support. We want to offer our brides impeccable products and an amazing service, full stop. The first step in this programme is to get votes for the #voom project. This is where we need a bit of help. Only the top 80 projects get chosen to go to the next round, so please, take a moment to watch our pitch video and vote for us on the VOOM website.

And if we may be so bold as to ask…please, also share the link ( on all your social media outlets to (hopefully) get your network voting for us as well?

Thanks in advance for your time, we appreciate your support and will post updates here and on our social media letting the world know our progress.

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