Why Prim & Clover?

create your own beautiful wedding dress

Why choose Prim & Clover?

With the plethora of wedding dresses now available on the market, why would a bride choose to buy a dress from an online shop? We know it’s a massive leap of faith – but here are the key things we think stand out, especially when Prim & Clover are involved:

1.       Save time.

Brides are busy people. We all are. Most brides-to-be have had an idea of what their perfect dress would look like for a long time. So, they can either search hundreds of dress shops before they get fed up and settle on almost ‘the one’, or they can build their own made-to-measure bridal gown, try it on in the comfort of their own home, and have it delivered to their door.

2.       No pressure.

Bridal shop keepers need to sell to keep their businesses open, and will often tell you what you want to hear to make the sale. Your friends will be far more honest. With our ‘Prim Pack Party’, brides can invite their squad over for their honest opinion – friends can also help to pin the toile samples of the chosen designs to the exact fit, which are then sent off to our London-based seamstresses to create the final garments.

3.       Perfect fit.

Let’s face it, we are each unique in shape. In fact almost 80% of women are a different size on the top half than they are on the bottom. So a standard size would require serious alterations, which takes time, money — and most importantly — risks the investment in a dress. Also, many designers only produce their dresses in sizes 8-14, which leaves a huge proportion of women left out in the cold, with fewer options open to them. At Prim & Clover, whether you’re a petite or a plus-size bride, all our dresses are made to fit your unique shape, and there is no change in the price to reflect different sizes.

4.       Less cost.

That’s right, made-to-measure bridal can be reasonably priced. At Prim & Clover our designs are stunning, made entirely of 100% high quality silk in our London studio; for a fraction of a couture gown, but with the same outcome.

5.       You’re unique. And your wedding day should express it. No two Prim & Clover dresses are the same. Make one exclusively for you.

Let us prove it to you! Visit us and create your own beautiful wedding dress.

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