What’s the Deal With All those Expensive Wedding Dress Alterations?

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Before you find your dream wedding dress, be aware: unless you plan to purchase a full bespoke, or made-to-measure wedding gown, it will need to have alterations.

Wedding dress shopping can be be fun and exciting for the bride-to-be who has a good idea of the silhouette she wants and knows what will look amazing on her, has a lot of time and plenty of patience. For those gals who — like most of us — have about 200 different dresses in various silhouettes on a Pinterest board, a vague notion of what might look good, limited time and is only moderately tolerant when it comes to shopping in general…prepare to be somewhat stymied, but persistent.

The thing is, if buying bespoke isn’t an option — because it can be rather expensive — an off-the-rack option from a boutique will end up costing quite a bit more because of the alterations. The boutiques will take your measurements and send them off to the manufacturer, but when the dress comes back, it’s not going to fit the way it should. This is because the boutique charges an additional £250-375 in alteration fees.

Sounds bang out of order, right? And it absolutely is…but this is how traditional wedding boutiques make money. Even if the plan is to take the dress elsewhere for alterations, the cost isn’t much less (unless mum, Nan or a family friend is a skilled seamstress, willing to make alterations for free).

So, what is a bride-to-be to do about the pesky extra charges? Go made-to-measure, and avoid the hassle and cost of boutique buying. Where, pray tell?? Why, Prim & Clover, of course.

Prim & Clover have every silhouette imaginable available on their online platform, where brides-to-be can build their dream dress on the Prim & Clover wedding dress builder, and do it all  — including fittings — from the comfort of home.

Prim & Clover sends samples to the bride to try on for a perfect fit and silhouette choice. How much does that cost?!? A lot less than one might think. It’s a great way to get that dream dress in exact measurements and proportion, without hidden costs and frustration.

Worried about buying a wedding dress online? Don’t be. Luciana and Stacia — founder/owners of this innovative wedding dress shopping experience — are on hand to guide brides through every step of the process via email, phone call or video chat: info@primandclover.com.

You’re welcome.

Prim & Clover — personalised wedding gowns for the contemporary bride — gives you the opportunity to easily choose from a stylish collection of bodices and skirts, adding jewellery and accessories to create your dream dress, delivered straight to your door.

Every Prim & Clover product is delicately made with care, in our London studio, ensuring your gown is impeccably produced with quality, natural fabrics at a fair wage, whilst avoiding excess material waste.

Once we’ve established your size and silhouette choice, your completed gown will safely arrive, wherever you choose to have it shipped, in just 4-10 weeks.

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