Order Prim Pack

Order Your Samples

Okay, It’s time to try on a few of your creations! Once you’ve placed your order, we will send you what we call a Prim Pack — the second step in achieving your pièce de résistance — for an at-home fitting.

A Prim Pack contains:

  • Samples of your chosen silhouettes
  • Silk and/or lace fabric swatches
  • A pre-addressed, postage paid pouch to send the samples back to us

Please, select up to two bodices and skirt samples for your Prim Pack. This will allow you to make sure the size is correct, and mix/match/compare silhouettes before making your final decision on which is ‘the one.’ Don’t worry, though, we only send separates for you to mix and match different styles; should you prefer a dress as your final silhouette, you will have the ability to choose that option when you place your final order.

You will be allowed to keep your samples to try-on for three days. Make sure your bride tribe is available to celebrate with you and help decide on a silhouette! A Prim & Clover Bridal Stylist will also be available to you via video chat, should you have any questions or want to go over your options. 

The Prim Pack is only £100 + £20 VAT (free round-trip shipping). When, and if you decide to complete your final silhouette with us, the Prim Pack amount will be deducted from your final purchase.