Online bridal wear business named in Small Business Saturday UK’s ‘Small Biz 100’ for 2016

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An online bridal wear business, based in the East End of London, has been named among the 100 small businesses in the UK to be celebrated by Small Business Saturday, the campaign that culminates in the UK’s dedicated day for small businesses on December 3rd. Prim & Clover offers personalised wedding gowns for contemporary brides, giving brides the opportunity to choose from a collection of bodices and skirts via its wedding dress builder, adding jewellery and accessories to create their dream wedding gown, and then have it delivered straight to their door. The company will now be among the select number of businesses to be featured by the Small Business Saturday campaign one per day for the 100 days leading up to Small Business Saturday itself.

In late 2014, after completing dissertations on customisation in fashion, co-Founders Stacia Bedford and Luciana Riquet earned their Masters Degrees in Fashion Entrepreneurship at the London College of Fashion. Shortly thereafter, Stacia got engaged and began shopping for a wedding dress, which quickly led to frustration. The duo decided to use their dissertation findings to make wedding dresses customisable, in silk fabrics at an affordable price point, leading to the birth of Prim & Clover.

“We believe in entrepreneurship, craftsmanship, personalised customer experiences and the power of small businesses in the UK and we support and want to see other UK small businesses grow and flourish,” says Stacia. “Owning a small business is more than having a great idea and business acumen. It is a 24/7 job, forcing you to wear many hats, continuously pushing mental and physical boundaries and comfort zones. Being a jack-of-all-trades and mastering as many as possible is the only way forward, if there is any hope of success. We hope that being part of this year’s Small Biz 100 can help us make a bigger impact and continue to offer brides impeccable products and an amazing personalised service.”

Small Business Saturday is already the UK’s most successful small business campaign. This is the fourth year of the campaign, which last year saw £623m spent with small businesses across the UK on Small Business Saturday, an increase of £119m or 24 per cent on the previous year. The campaign trended at number one in the UK on Twitter on the day with more than 100,000 campaign-related tweets being sent. Over 75% of local councils supported the campaign, giving considerable national reach into local communities.

The campaign is a great nationwide promotional and marketing tool for small businesses. It is totally free to participate and any small businesses can get involved – from one-man-bands, through to a high growth office, and from tradesmen to social media gurus. In addition to the big day, the campaign also delivers help and advice alongside opportunities to connect with other small businesses. In short, Small Business Saturday exists to support, inspire and promote small businesses.

“The British public has a great affection for small businesses and we continue to see that grow year on year. Small Business Saturday is an exceptional example of collaboration and co-operation with small businesses teaming up in communities around the UK,” explains Campaign Director Michelle Ovens.

“Although the campaign focuses on one day, the goal is to have a lasting impact on small businesses by changing mind-sets, so that people make it their mission to support small businesses all year round. Most people in this country own a small business, work for a small business or know somebody who does, so supporting a small business on Small Business Saturday is absolutely personal.”

Small Business Saturday, which is a grassroots, not-for-profit campaign, was originally founded by American Express in the U.S. in 2010 and it remains the principal supporter of the campaign in the UK, as part of its on-going commitment to encourage consumers to shop small. The campaign also benefits from the backing of leading business organisations including the Federation of Small Businesses and Enterprise Nation. The campaign is also supported by PRS For Music, TalkTalk Business, Vistaprint, Post Office and Clear Channel.

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What’s the Deal With All those Expensive Wedding Dress Alterations?

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Before you find your dream wedding dress, be aware: unless you plan to purchase a full bespoke, or made-to-measure wedding gown, it will need to have alterations.

Wedding dress shopping can be be fun and exciting for the bride-to-be who has a good idea of the silhouette she wants and knows what will look amazing on her, has a lot of time and plenty of patience. For those gals who — like most of us — have about 200 different dresses in various silhouettes on a Pinterest board, a vague notion of what might look good, limited time and is only moderately tolerant when it comes to shopping in general…prepare to be somewhat stymied, but persistent.

The thing is, if buying bespoke isn’t an option — because it can be rather expensive — an off-the-rack option from a boutique will end up costing quite a bit more because of the alterations. The boutiques will take your measurements and send them off to the manufacturer, but when the dress comes back, it’s not going to fit the way it should. This is because the boutique charges an additional £250-375 in alteration fees.

Sounds bang out of order, right? And it absolutely is…but this is how traditional wedding boutiques make money. Even if the plan is to take the dress elsewhere for alterations, the cost isn’t much less (unless mum, Nan or a family friend is a skilled seamstress, willing to make alterations for free).

So, what is a bride-to-be to do about the pesky extra charges? Go made-to-measure, and avoid the hassle and cost of boutique buying. Where, pray tell?? Why, Prim & Clover, of course.

Prim & Clover have every silhouette imaginable available on their online platform, where brides-to-be can build their dream dress on the Prim & Clover wedding dress builder, and do it all  — including fittings — from the comfort of home.

Prim & Clover sends samples to the bride to try on for a perfect fit and silhouette choice. How much does that cost?!? A lot less than one might think. It’s a great way to get that dream dress in exact measurements and proportion, without hidden costs and frustration.

Worried about buying a wedding dress online? Don’t be. Luciana and Stacia — founder/owners of this innovative wedding dress shopping experience — are on hand to guide brides through every step of the process via email, phone call or video chat:

You’re welcome.
Prim & Clover — personalised wedding gowns for the contemporary bride — gives you the opportunity to easily choose from a stylish collection of bodices and skirts, adding jewellery and accessories to create your dream dress, delivered straight to your door.

Every Prim & Clover product is delicately made with care, in our London studio, ensuring your gown is impeccably produced with quality, natural fabrics at a fair wage, whilst avoiding excess material waste.

Once we’ve established your size and silhouette choice, your completed gown will safely arrive, wherever you choose to have it shipped, in just 4-10 weeks.

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Calling Out to All Curvy Brides!

Wedding day

Finding a wedding dress in any size is task enough, but over and over, the periling stories about this experience from brides-to-be AND brides-that-were, who don’t fit in traditional sizes, prevail.

Whether it was a case of body shaming shop girls, who made them feel uncomfortable in the dressing room, or simply not having any sizes of dresses for them to try on, women who aren’t a traditional UK size 10 struggle to feel comfortable when shopping and ultimately buying the dress meant for one of the most special days of their lives.

Prim & Clover have a solution. Don’t shop at a boutique, and don’t pay a fortune for bespoke. Prim & Clover lovingly create dresses for all sizes, without ever having to set foot out of the comfort of home. The process is simple and in a few easy steps: brides-to-be can co-create their dream wedding dress using the Prim & Clover wedding dress builder, order made-to-measure samples to try on at home, adjust it to fit all their beautiful curves and in only 4-10 weeks, their completed dress arrives at the door.

Shopping for a wedding dress should be fun. It should make every woman feel uniquely beautiful, and confident she’s found the dress of her dreams, fitting her exactly the way she wants. Prim & Clover want to accomplish this for every struggling bride who is fed up with the “traditional” wedding dress shopping experience.

Contact Stacia or Luciana at Prim & Clover at: to set up a call or video chat.


Prim & Clover — personalised wedding gowns for the contemporary bride — gives you the opportunity to easily choose from a stylish collection of bodices and skirts, adding jewellery and accessories to create your dream dress, delivered straight to your door.

Every Prim & Clover product is delicately made with care, in our London studio, ensuring your gown is impeccably produced with quality, natural fabrics at a fair wage, whilst avoiding excess material waste.

Once we’ve established your size and silhouette choice, your completed gown will safely arrive, wherever you choose to have it shipped, in just 4-10 weeks.

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The Search is on for a Panicking Bride!


We are in search of a panicking bride.

We need a bride ambassador, getting married this summer, who would like to experience and test our service, in return for a complimentary made-to-measure gown.

Prim & Clover ( allows brides to have a key role in the building and creation of their dress design, guided by friendly and on-hand London-based designers and seamstresses, who personally use their extensive experience and expertise every step of the way.

The result is a stunning, 100% silk, made-to-measure, high quality dress or two-piece, delivered in stunning packaging, in plenty of time for the big day. The bride is kept updated as to the status of the dress creation throughout the process, and video chats are available throughout, if she needs a bit of extra reassurance.

Prim & Clover are able to deliver the finished dress, once all alterations have been made, in as little as four weeks, and it is this slick and speedy service, that they are looking for a Bride Ambassador to trial and review for them, in return for a complimentary dress.

“Our new service needs to be proven by real-life brides” says Stacia Bedford, Managing Director and Co-Founder. “We understand that buying a wedding dress is one of the most important parts of the big day, but it can also be the most stressful, especially if time is of the essence. We are offering our service to one lucky lady, in return for a review of the process and some pictures of the run up to her event – can’t say fairer than that.”

Interested brides to be should contact in the first instance

Va-va-va…VOOM! Help Us Stay in the Top 50

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Welp…we were up in the ranks, and now with entries closed, the VOOM voting race is on and we’ve just about fallen out of the top 50.

We really want the chance to pitch in front of Sir Richard Branson himself, but in order to stay in the competition, we need votes. To find out more about #voom, see the pitch, and to vote (please), visit

Why Prim & Clover?

create your own beautiful wedding dress

Why choose Prim & Clover?

With the plethora of wedding dresses now available on the market, why would a bride choose to buy a dress from an online shop? We know it’s a massive leap of faith – but here are the key things we think stand out, especially when Prim & Clover are involved:

1.       Save time.

Brides are busy people. We all are. Most brides-to-be have had an idea of what their perfect dress would look like for a long time. So, they can either search hundreds of dress shops before they get fed up and settle on almost ‘the one’, or they can build their own made-to-measure bridal gown, try it on in the comfort of their own home, and have it delivered to their door.

2.       No pressure.

Bridal shop keepers need to sell to keep their businesses open, and will often tell you what you want to hear to make the sale. Your friends will be far more honest. With our ‘Prim Pack Party’, brides can invite their squad over for their honest opinion – friends can also help to pin the toile samples of the chosen designs to the exact fit, which are then sent off to our London-based seamstresses to create the final garments.

3.       Perfect fit.

Let’s face it, we are each unique in shape. In fact almost 80% of women are a different size on the top half than they are on the bottom. So a standard size would require serious alterations, which takes time, money — and most importantly — risks the investment in a dress. Also, many designers only produce their dresses in sizes 8-14, which leaves a huge proportion of women left out in the cold, with fewer options open to them. At Prim & Clover, whether you’re a petite or a plus-size bride, all our dresses are made to fit your unique shape, and there is no change in the price to reflect different sizes.

4.       Less cost.

That’s right, made-to-measure bridal can be reasonably priced. At Prim & Clover our designs are stunning, made entirely of 100% high quality silk in our London studio; for a fraction of a couture gown, but with the same outcome.

5.       You’re unique. And your wedding day should express it. No two Prim & Clover dresses are the same. Make one exclusively for you.

Let us prove it to you! Visit us and create your own beautiful wedding dress.

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Prim & Clover: Project VOOM 2016

Vote for project Prim & Clover at:

Vote for project Prim & Clover HERE!


In order to elevate our offering and technology, we have entered Virgin Media’s VOOM 2016 — Richard Branson’s business programme — for a chance to take Prim & Clover to the next level.

Entrepreneurship is more than having a great idea and business acumen. It’s a 24/7 job, forcing an individual or team to wear many hats — very often including ones that don’t quite fit, continuously pushing their mental and physical boundaries and even comfort zones. Insecurity and doubt are not an option and stamina is of paramount importance, as every day is like a marathon of events there is little training for. Being a jack-of-all-trades and mastering as many as possible is not only an every day expectation, but the only way forward, if there is any hope of success.

That being started, receiving help — financially, mentally and professionally — is essential to every entrepreneur. Whether it’s from friends and family, mentors, other entrepreneurs or enterprises set up to foster start-ups with grants; strategic guidance; acceleration incubators and/or advice, assistance in any form is welcomed with open arms. Even after years of careful planning and research, Prim & Clover has only just launched, and is no exception to the need for support. We want to offer our brides impeccable products and an amazing service, full stop. The first step in this programme is to get votes for the #voom project. This is where we need a bit of help. Only the top 80 projects get chosen to go to the next round, so please, take a moment to watch our pitch video and vote for us on the VOOM website.

And if we may be so bold as to ask…please, also share the link ( on all your social media outlets to (hopefully) get your network voting for us as well?

Thanks in advance for your time, we appreciate your support and will post updates here and on our social media letting the world know our progress.

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The Prim & Clover ‘Prim Pack Party’

Katariina tries on the muslin toile from her Prim Pack, with squad in tow at her #primpackparty

Katariina tries on the muslin toile from her Prim Pack, with squad in tow at her #primpackparty


After weeks of shopping around for the perfect wedding dress, newly engaged women across the UK generally find themselves a tad frustrated, a mite exhausted and smidgen overwhelmed. Purchasing a wedding dress isn’t quite the magical experience one might imagine. And no one dishes on the myriad adversities associated with what is supposed to be a day of retail delights.

Appointments. Only one or two people allowed. Long lead times. Pushy and rude sales people. Not enough sample sizes. Loads of ludicrously expensive polyester. Cramped changing rooms. Too many choices. Not enough choices. Not the right choices.
No Champagne…

Sounds dire, but really, there’s no need to get depressed because:
UK bridalwear brand, Prim & Clover, now offers brides-to-be an innovative new platform to co-create their very own made-to-measure wedding dress. And the best part? Not only can it be done from the comfort of home, but shopping for a wedding dress just got fun.

Because Prim & Clover gives brides the option to play with different silhouette choices, and wants to make sure the dress fits properly, they start their process by creating made-to-measure cotton muslin ‘toile’ samples of the selected bodices and skirts. So, when the samples arrive, why not chill down some champers, call up the girls and make a party of choosing the final silhouette?

Prim & Clover have named it a ‘Prim Pack Party’ because the Prim Pack is what the bride orders from the site, after narrowing down her selection to two looks from their stylish collection of bodices and skirts. With her squad by her side, the samples to try on and a glass of Champagne to hand, the bride can mix and match each of her chosen styles to her heart’s content before picking ‘The One’ — all without a single appointment, cramped changing room or pushy sales person.

A Prim Pack Party is just what a bride-to-be needs to celebrate, relax and feel confident she’s chosen the perfect dress.

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Visit us at The National Wedding Show London Olympia

NWS stand

Come visit us at the National Wedding Show London at Olympia, Stand M81! We have a glass of Prosecco waiting for you, and all our samples available to try on.

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We are LIVE!

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Well, it’s been a year in the making, but we are finally ready for our launch! Not only is live and ready to take orders, but we are also at the National Wedding Show this weekend — being held at London Olympia! For further details, click here. If you are in the London area, and interested in coming to the show to meet us, please let us know so we can supply you with complimentary tickets for you and a guest. These tickets are on a first-come-first-serve basis, so email us at right away, so you don’t miss out!