About your dress

  • Why can’t I see a preview of my dress design?
    • We are always working on our Look Book, adding new images of our various silhouette options. Check back regularly for additional photos, design options and new products.
  • Will my silhouette be separates or a dress — the silhouettes in the Look Book and designs on the Builder pages only show separates.
    • The choice is yours. When you complete your order with us, you must decide if you prefer your final silhouette as a dress or separates.
  • What is a ‘Prim Pack’?
    • Because you may not know yet which silhouette is right for you, we want to send samples for you to try on. The Prim Pack consists of up to two bodice and two skirt samples, along with fabric swatches for each of the corresponding choices. You will have three days to mix/match and try on the samples. If you need more time, please contact us immediately so we can sort something out. Please, also be careful with the samples, as you will need to ship them back to us in the condition with which they arrived, with all tags attached (never having been removed). We ask that you keep the samples indoors and away from anything that could cause them to become unpleasantly odoured. Please keep the samples from getting stained, soiled or in any way damaged (ripped, snagged, broken zippers), as we will have to charge £150 per sample for any cleaning or repairs. You will be provided with a pre-addressed, postage paid pouch with which to send back the samples. If we do not hear from you, or receive the samples within seven days of the agreed upon return date, we will assume you have decided to purchase them, and charge you as such.
  • How do I proceed if the samples didn’t fit?
    • The samples we send you in the Prim Pack are based on the measurements you provide us (so, do try and get those right to start with). If the samples do not fit, you will need to contact us to arrange for alternative samples to be sent out to you. It’s important you are happy with the fit of the samples, as we want your final silhouette to fit you as close to perfect as possible, however, you will very likely need alterations before your wedding day.
  • What is a ‘Clover Pack’?
    • This is your completed silhouette, protected by a hanging wedding dress cover and packed in a keepsake storage box, along with all product and manufacturing details, pressing/cleaning and re-packing instructions.
  • Where is my garment sewn/produced?
    • All Prim & Clover products are created with care in the UK — specifically London. Our team of skilled, artisan seamstresses are paid a fair wage to make all our impeccable, 100% silk, garments, adhering to our ‘zero waste’ ethos.
  • Do you cater for all sizes?
    • All Prim & Clover garments are created in any and every gorgeous size.
  • What sort of undergarments should be worn to try on the Prim Pack samples?
    • It would be ideal to wear any and all foundation garments planned for use on the wedding day, including shoes. If that is not possible, we advise wearing a strapless and/or padded bra, body shapers, etc.— as close as possible to any planned undergarments.
  • What if I change my mind about the style I have chosen from the Prim Pack, or wish to make further adjustments?
    • Certain style alterations can be made after you’ve completed your order. In this situation, contact us within 48 hours, to discuss options.
  • How do I measure myself?
    • A step-by-step guide with all the necessary information for measurements is provided here. If further guidance is necessary, please contact us to schedule a call or video chat with one of our specialists.
  • Do you provide alterations?
    • Our garments are created based on the measurements you provide us. We realise, however, some brides-to-be may require simple alterations to her dress in order to achieve a perfect fit. If alterations are necessary, we suggest you visit a local experienced and professional seamstress/tailor. A professional seamstress/tailor should easily be able to adjust the garment, as our designs are created with at least two centimetres of additional fabric for any weight change that may occur. Please contact us if our assistance is needed at any point during the process, as we are happy to schedule a call or video chat with one of our specialists to assist you.
  • How long does it take for my chosen silhouette to be completed and the Clover Pack shipped?
    • Our process takes from 4-10 weeks. Upon request, we can discuss the possibility of working on an accelerated or prolonged timeline. Contact us for further assistance.
  • Can I make any special requests, give you a photo of the dress I want made, or provide a different design?
    • We are absolutely willing to consider special requests or full bespoke service for an additional price. For ethical reasons, we won’t copy another brand’s designs, but might be able to adapt something similar from our silhouettes. Please, contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our Bridal Stylists who can further assist you.


  • Do I pay the entire amount of my silhouette at the time of ordering, or is it partial payment?
    • At the point of ordering the samples, we require a partial payment of £150 (inclusive of VAT). The final, or remainder payment must be made before we can begin your final silhouette.
  • What is the partial payment for?
    • We are sending out sample garments based on your measurements, the price of which will go toward your final order. If you choose not to continue the process, we completely understand, however, the £150 sample fee is non-refundable.
  • When will I be charged and what type of payment do you accept?
    • Payment — whether partial or remainder — will be charged at the time it is made (we do not hold payment or offer layaway). You will be notified of this, and asked to acknowledge our payment policy by ticking a box upon checkout. The order will not be processed unless the payment policy is acknowledged. We accept the following forms of payment:
      • Mastercard
      • Visa
      • American Express
      • Pay Pal
  • How do I know my information is secure?
    • We use industry-standard encryption technologies when transferring and receiving customer data exchanged with our site server. At Prim & Clover, we respect the privacy of our clients and only disclose any personal information as described in our Privacy Policy.


  • What are the shipping costs?
    • All shipping costs are included in the total price of your order.
  • Is/are my package(s) trackable?
    • Both the Prim Pack and Clover Pack are trackable. This information can be found in the customer’s profile page. A link to the profile page will be included in the confirmation emails after ordering the Prim Pack and Clover Pack, where the production process can also be found.
  • How is the dress delivered?
    • The Prim Pack and Clover Pack are delivered via UPS to the ‘ship to’ address provided in the customer profile section.
  • Is my shipment insured?
    • The Prim Pack and Clover Pack are both insured for loss and damage under the policy of the shipping company used.


  • What is the return policy?
    • Almost every company producing customised garments and items, have a ‘No Refund & Exchange’ policy — however, we fully stand behind the calibre of our products, and are certain you will love your final silhouette, therefore, we are willing to accept returns for a 100% refund (less your initial deposit) if you are not fully satisfied with the overall quality of your garment. We will only issue a refund for the garment if you have contacted us within 48 hours of receiving it, making arrangements with us for its return, it has been unworn, with all tags in place (never having been removed) and in pristine condition. We please ask that you make sure all items are ordered correctly, including chosen style and colour, as these are not reasons for which we will allow refunds/returns. As well, changes in size is also not a reason for which we will allow refunds/returns. We also understand extreme cases of extenuating circumstances, so please contact us as soon as possible if you have any further inquiries about this policy.
  • Can I get a refund of my down payment for the Prim Pack if I change my mind?
    • We have a 24 hour cancelation policy upon order and payment of the Prim Pack. If cancelled within 24 hours of ordering, a full refund of the deposit will be returned in the form of payment received. Please, see our Return Policy for further information on this matter.


  • What are your dresses made with?
    • All our dresses are made with various types of 100% silk, including the linings. We send samples of all fabrics used for the final silhouettes in the Prim Pack. The swatches are large, so the colour, look and texture can be seen up close, felt and compared against skin tone. Choice of colours include white and ivory (off-white) — a sample of each will be included in the Prim Pack. Other colour options such as champagne or blush are available upon request — just contact us for additional samples. When completing the Clover Pack order form, a colour and choice of fabric must be made for the final silhouette.
  • Where does your fabric come from?
    • We are passionate about keeping our brand and suppliers in the UK, therefore, we source all our fabrics, trimmings and notions locally. Please contact us if you have further questions about our sources.
  • Can I get my dress in lace?
    • Yes, there is a full selection of lace ‘overlayers’ to have incorporated into any of our base designs. If any lace designs  are chosen for the Prim Pack, a sample of our current in-stock laces will be provided to choose from.
  • I’d like to see the fabric up close, why can’t I zoom in on the fabric detail in the Look Book or Preview on the Builder Page?
    • We send large samples of all of our available fabrics choices in the Prim Pack. That way, the colour, look and texture can be seen up close, felt and compared against skin tone. Choice of colours include white and ivory (off-white) — a sample of each will be included in the Prim Pack. When completing the Clover Pack order form, a colour and fabric choice must be made for the final silhouette.
  • Can I get my dress in a colour other than white or ivory?
    • The short answer is: Yes! However, a non-traditional colour falls under the category of “special requests,” as they are not always readily available from our suppliers, so contact us right away for further information about this request.