About Us


Stacia Bedford and Luciana Riquet are dedicated to giving modern brides the ultimate VIP wedding dress shopping experience they deserve: luxury — from the comfort of home.

Create the wedding dress you’ve always dreamed of using our online design tool. Try-on two made-to-fit sample silhouettes you’ve chosen, at home — with your tribe (and plenty of bubbles). Your chosen silhouette is then handmade by artisan seamstresses in London, and when it’s complete (in just 4-10 weeks), it will be shipped straight to your doorstep, in a gorgeous keepsake box…all without breaking your budget.

We created Prim & Clover because this is the bridal experience we wish we had…

Stacia and Luciana met whilst earning their Masters’ in Fashion Entrepreneurship at the London College of Fashion. Shortly after their dissertations were complete, Stacia got engaged and started shopping for a wedding dress. She quickly became incredibly frustrated, as the process was time consuming, overwhelming and exhausting. Everything she found was an overpriced pile of polyester and was going to take 6-9 months to…make?? She knew there had to be a better way.

Watch Stacia and Luciana chat about Prim & Clover and creating your own unique wedding dress:

One chilly night over dinner, Stacia vented to Luciana about how dissatisfying her wedding dress shopping experience had been. Luciana reminded Stacia she had been working on a completely customisable ready-to-wear line, using her unique modular patterns, and suggested that perhaps they should start a brand together. The conversation naturally progressed into a brain-storming session on how to make shopping for a wedding dress convenient and fun, allowing brides to personalise their own gowns whilst using artisans to sew the all-silk designs locally — all without breaking the bank…the match was made…and Prim & Clover was born.

With more than 25 years combined experience in fashion, Luciana and Stacia complement each other’s individual strengths in design and production. Working together, they rely upon influences from where they have lived, traveled, studied and worked to concept the elegant yet effortless Prim & Clover collections.

Every Prim & Clover product is delicately made with care, by a skilled team of artisan seamstresses, in our London studio, ensuring each gown is impeccably produced with quality, natural fabrics at a fair wage, whilst avoiding excess material waste. The Prim & Clover ethos includes supporting UK businesses, therefore all materials used to make Prim & Clover products are sourced from UK companies.

Prim & Clover is kindly supported by the Centre for Fashion Enterprise, as part of their Fashion Tech Accelerate Programme.